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    Getting some information from FMP across to html.


      I've seen a few discussions on the subject of SEO and html. I am interested in how I can promote some of the information in my database via a website html. Is it a case of making a table that can export to .csv and then importing or pasting to my website. I use Adobe Muse which is great for quick stuff.

      Even if I have to make 20 template pages for crew members with some permanent text and a table that I update with latest work.

      Or does somebody know a great way?

      I understand the web direct pages are not crawled as they are dynamically produced.

      I've also seen how to export from FMP to html. So I can immediately see a down and dirty way to do it. Im after any tips really.

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          If you want full control of your web experience, then CWP is the way to go. This way you can completely control the client side code, UI, and SEO Metadata.


          Since you're already using muse, it only generates html pages and doesn't allow you to easily load dynamic data.


          I would recommend this site: http://www.phpmuse.com/

          Which converts muse generated sites into PHP.


          Then you can use FileMakers PHP API to load filemaker data into your pages.



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            1. export the HTML pages (with the SEO in the meta tags) - depends on the frequency, but these can be FTP'd directly to replace outdated info.


            2. export parts of the HTML that can be used as INCLUDES within existing websites. Good when things change, but not so often. (the prices of products, a new content for a page, etc.)


            3. use AJAX or such to update the DYNAMIC bits of a page that basically is already mostly there and deemed "static" (use for qty on hand, sale discounts, etc.)


            A common misconception is that a dynamic website (database backend) must be ALL dynamic. That really bogs a site and many modern sites using caching to not hit the database as much. This is the same principle as #2 where includes are the changeable (but not frequent) code.



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              Thank you both so much,

              Im concentrating on the database first, but I now have the right words and phrases to go and do the learning. Beverly's number 2 route seems simplest as I don't need to move a lot of the info across. Its more like a page that exists on the web stating "We have (14) Assistant Film Directors all trained to ADA or DGA standards, who are trained... Its the (14) that needs refreshing. And there will be about 70 crew types on a page / table, so many (14)s

              Im hoping my site becomes a public access point eventually so will be getting someone else to do Web and Angular, if i can outgrow Filemakers connections limit.

              Thank you again, and hope this is useful to someone else too.