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how to show portal row records in a unique big row of the duplicate portal?

Question asked by genci on Jul 16, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 18, 2017 by philmodjunk

hello everybody!

I'm back to ask some help to solve an issue I don't understand.

There are :

Table "patients", with id_pk with progressive nr, plus fields of first name, second name, phone nr and other 10 fields.

Table "procedure", with id_pk progressive nr, plus date of procedure, operator 1, operator 2, and other 20 fields.

Table "admissions", wich is a join table, with proper id_pk progressive(nr), where also are fields patients' id_fk(nr) and procedures' id_fk(nr), admission date(date), sintomatic reason(txt), and so on. the relation between them is : in "patients" and "procedures" i can create records, when created in the "admissions", while in "admissions" I can create and delete records through the relationships with the other two tables, respectively when created and deleted records.

At the layout of "patients" I have the portal of the "admission", where the row contains only the date field and a button that executes a script showing the rest of the fields of the "patients" portal row in a duplicate portal with a unique row.

the script of the button contains: set variable "$$id" = id_pk of the "admission" table. the other portal is filtered by the $$id = admission::id_pk.

But, while all of this works properly(it seems to me!), I'm unable to understand why the same with the table "procedures" does not work. I tried changing layout origine to "patients" and "admissions". actually under "patients" layout, on the portal "procedures" are shown more dates than really were assigned, with some rows that when clicking on the button, the duplicate portal shows the same data of the row with a different date. simplifying, while at the multirow portal are shown 9 different dates, at the single row portal will be shown only 6-7 dates respective set of records. wich means the're one or more fictive dates. where is the glich. I hope I did explain the issue properly, but I would'nt bet.

thanks in advance, if someone can help me solve the problem.


I have Windows 7 Home

FM Pro 12 Adv.

have a nice week, everybody!