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    DevCon2Go for notes


      Did anybody use the DevCon2Go app for taking notes last year? If so, did everything go ok?


      I ask because two years ago I did that but when I got home every single note I took was gone. I suspect that it happened during an update.


      It is handy to take notes right in the app but I don't want to risk it if anybody else had a similar experience last year.

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          My suggestion was to have a way to store the data that does not get touched by an update. I believe others also suggested that. I don't know if that got implemented. You might look at the other threads on DevCon2Go.



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            Hi cable2001


            I am the developer of DevCon2Go17 (as well as last year)

            This year, I have enhanced the update features for both data updates and app updates.

            The App updates is now "In-app" updates, which means that there is a feature included within the app.

            When you chose to update the App, it will first create tmp files with with your selected sessions (MySchedule), session notes and Contacts.

            Then it will update the app itself and import the data from your previous version.


            So, this year, you can safely update both data and the app itself, without loosing your data.


            Hope you'll enjoy the conference as well as the DevCon2Go17 app.

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              Cool, thanks. I really like the app, nice work.