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    Collecting list of Account Names


      Hi All,


      Not a deal-breaker but was wondering if there is a way to return a list of  Account Names from a file?


      Thanks as always.

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          Since there hasn't been any reply to this question, I'm guessing the functionality isn't currently available, possibly for security reasons. Dunno. Maybe post a feature request and see what happens.


          I'm assuming you're talking about something (in FMP) similar to users in the MySQL "user" table with fields like: "Host", "User", and associated privileges.

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            Stephen Huston

            Are you try to retrieve a list of accounts to see them, or to use the list during standard file operations. 


            I believe a DDR can be run for them, or opening Manage Security will offer the Accounts tab. These won't normally be available during file operations.


            If you have a field recording Creation or Modification Account, you could generate a value list of used Accounts from that field, and that would be retrievable during normal program use. It might not include all accounts that exist in the permissions, just those that have been used to create/edit records.

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              Hi fmpdude and Stephen,


              Thank you for your replies.


              Basically, it would be a time-saver if I could generate a list of all the account names in all the files that are associated with a solution, whether they are active or not, and do this within FM rather than a DDR report.


              Opening Manage Security across ten files is fine but then it's a screenshot of each and then eyeball the screenshots.


              I guess it is a new feature I am asking for.  I can't see it being a security issue consideration though, as in order to get to Manage Security then you need full access privileges anyway.

              Any scripting in the Script Editor that may require access to this function may be further secured by requiring full access privileges before it is 'allowable' as a programmable script step.

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                Oops, sorry.  This reply escaped me, sent too early!


                As an aside to the above, does anyone think it's odd that you can create Privilege Sets in FM that allow modification of scripts but deny everything else?  Never really thought  about how this would work before. Will give me something to explore...


                Thanks again.


                Access Privs.PNG