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    Importing field


      There is a field called "A" of number option and field "B" which is total summary (sum) of field A. I want to import import value of field B in another table of another file. I normally inserted B field in another file, but its not giving me total sum of field A, rather its poping up each values of field A in different record. How can i get sum of field A in another file.

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          You may need to write this in a script.


          Set Variable [ $B; Value: "Your A Summary Field"]

          go to layout ["Other Layout"]

          Insert Calculated Result [Select; "Your other field"; $B]


          Add a button and attach the script

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            What method are you using to import the value into the separate file? If you are using a script, it would be helpful to see the script as that will help us advise you better.


            Note that summary fields are based on the current found set so if you are not getting the desired value of field "B" when you copy it into the the other file, it is likely because the found set in your original file is not showing all the records that should be included in the summary. Without additional information, it is difficult to advise more specifically.


            What ljungholms suggests is one possibility, however you still need to be aware of the found set and it is advisable to use the Set Field script step instead of the Insert Calculated Result script step.

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              Currently i am not using any script. M trying to solve this via calculations. I created a list of all the values in field A. and i am planning to add them up and store the value if possible.  Is this possible to do?

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                FYI, if you are using calculations you do not "store" the info, it calculates each change. If you want to store the info you need a field to store the data.

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                  Please explain more how your system is currently structured. If you have a calculation in place, please post the calculation so we can advise you on it. It would be helpful to know what relationships are in place between the table occurrences.


                  It is possible to set up a calculation field or a number field with an Auto-Enter calculation that references another field. However if the referenced field is from another table occurrence (and in this case you've indicated it's even a separate file), the calculation will be unstored and the Auto-Enter calculation won't automatically update when the referenced field changes.

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                    what i did is

                    Second file[field B] = unsorted, calc[first file::field A].

                    But when m using this field B, its not giving me totl value of A. rather its only popping up lists of values its sum of.

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                      That calculation is not pulling in a summary, just the number.

                      So you have

                      File 1 - Field A = 100

                      File 1 - Field B =  Summary of A = 100

                      File 2 - Field B = Pull info from File 1 - Field A = 100


                      Is this a related table?

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                        Yes. I only created relation table in database. Capture1.PNG

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                          One possibility is to change your calculation to

                          = Sum ( first file::field A )


                          However, when you say "its popping up a list of of values" that makes me think there is something more complicated going on. Normally, if you reference a field in a related table occurrence it will default to showing the first value (unless you use a formula like Sum that operates across all related records). So normally I would expect second file::field B to show the value from the first record in first file.

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                            OK, still not sure what you are trying to do. But it seems that you want a summary from Billing to insert into Fall 16 Billing?

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                              oHh, sorry, i mean i need to insert a summary of amount from Fall 16 Billing to Billing .

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                                I'm not sure if this helps, but a sorted export from one table (A) can save just the summary values. (.csv or .mer) then the values imported into the new table (B) will no longer be summary type, but raw values. Include any values that need to be static whether this needs to relate back to "A" or not.


                                You may also be able to script the gathering of the values using;

                                GetSummary() or perhaps ExecuteSQL()

                                but let's not overly complicate.


                                1. you have values in "A" which get summarized (yes/no?)

                                2. you want ONLY the summaries in "B"?

                                3. is there a relationship between A & B in a way that

                                SUM(relatedTable::numberFld) can be used?


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                                  Value in A is total (summary) of list of amounts. and I want to import only the total amount (summary) in B. I have linked the two tables. as i shown in my attachment.