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Value list instability

Question asked by bradgarner on Jul 17, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 18, 2017 by bradgarner

I am experiencing some instability with a value list. The list uses 3 fields.

1) primary key (indexed auto-enter)

2) primary key if current (indexed calc from primary key)

3) name (indexed, limited to 1 value)

The list is set to use all values of field 2 (primary key if current) but only to show field 3 (name). It works 99% of the time, and I cannot figure out a pattern for when it does not work. By 'not working' I mean some values do not appear in the list when they should. I check the fields, and the fields are showing the correct data. I have required the field to validate to this VL, and when I manually type in a missing value, it validates, which tells me that the value is in the index for the VL, though not displaying. I am now at a loss. We are using FM Server 16 and FMP/FMPA 16 and 17. This first occurred when we were only on 16.