ODBC Driver unable to retrieve some field names

Discussion created by PeterGort on Jul 16, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 18, 2017 by TSGal

I am working on several database files where fields used for logic and structure (as opposed to data) begin with the Omega character (option-z on a mac keyboard).  I am trying to access these fields via an ODBC DSN.  The FileMaker Server is 16.02, the client is any program that tries to access the data through an ODBC Client connection.  I have tried with FileMaker Pro Advanced, and Valentina Studio.  The problem appears to be in the ODBC Client Driver.  I downloaded and installed the drivers for FileMaker 16, from Software Update: FileMaker xDBC client drivers for FileMaker | FileMaker

I set up a System DSN, pointing to my FileMaker Server, and it tests OK.

If the driver is configured to Auto-detect language settings, it cannot figure out what the Omega character is, and uses a "?" character to represent it.

If the driver is configured to use "wide" ODBC API and to Treat Text Types as Unicode, then it correctly figures out that the first character of the field name is an Omega character, but the last character in the field gets truncated, so "Ω_ModificationTimestamp_m" becomes "Ω_ModificationTimestamp_".

Anybody have any ideas?