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Question asked by JulioSandoval on Jul 17, 2017
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It seems like my app randomly crashes when I am using it. I am trying to debug as to why. When the app crashes, all of the data that was previously there is gone.


Any one know why the data is gone instead of it saving the committed data?


And I am talking about data that was inputed in multiple layouts and data that has been committed already. When you re-open the app, all of it is gone.


How can I find out why the program is behaving this way?

How can I get a crash report or a crash log on FileMaker Go?


Can this crash report be configured to be sent via email? Same type of thing when you submit a report to a developer.


Is there a way to check for the usage for RAM, CPU, Storage, etc while the app is running?


Thanks everyone for your help.


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