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    Check iOS resources FMGo




      It seems like my app randomly crashes when I am using it. I am trying to debug as to why. When the app crashes, all of the data that was previously there is gone.


      Any one know why the data is gone instead of it saving the committed data?


      And I am talking about data that was inputed in multiple layouts and data that has been committed already. When you re-open the app, all of it is gone.


      How can I find out why the program is behaving this way?

      How can I get a crash report or a crash log on FileMaker Go?


      Can this crash report be configured to be sent via email? Same type of thing when you submit a report to a developer.


      Is there a way to check for the usage for RAM, CPU, Storage, etc while the app is running?


      Thanks everyone for your help.


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          I use an app called System Status to monitor the resources on the iPad. The problems you are experiencing have been discussed many times on this forum.  The best preventive maintenance that I have found is to restart the iPad frequently (at least once a week). Also make sure you always close files when you are finished working in the file. Leaving a file open and disconnecting from your Wifi network can be a major source of problems.

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            See if this thread helps on iOS crash logs:


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              Do I need to have the iOS device connected to my Mac to reach this?



                   then choose your device


              Are these the same as the ones located in: Settings -> Privacy -> Analytics -> Analytics Data?


              When the app crashed, and was opened right after, this error occurs:






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                I have attached the crash logs from yesterday. Please let me know what you find.


                Thank you all.

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                  Nothing was attached to your last message.  Do you consistently close your file when you are finished?  If yes, how do you properly close your files on the iPhone.  If no, this could be a source of your problem.

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                    The logs are attached to the first post at the top.


                    Why do users have to close the file? I understand if they close after they are done for the day.


                    But in this scenario, the user left the office, with the app opened, arrived to the site one hour later and started using it. Roughly 45 minutes later, the app crashes while it was being used.




                    And thanks for your reply.



                    p.s. Do users have to close files before the phone goes to sleep?

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                      In a perfect world you shouldn’t have to close files on an iPhone but I can tell you that FIleMaker Go is not perfect and can become unstable.  Closing files when you are finished or before you move to a different location is a very good thing to do to prevent corruption issues.  The Quit Application script step is good for closing all open files in FM Go.  

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                        Yeah but the only problem here is that a solution was built for FMGo, and the application is sometimes used where cell service is great, but can drastically change if they have to go to an underground structure.


                        So having them exit the application before they go somewhere where they will lose net connection and have them reopen it seems counter productive.


                        Thanks for the reply.

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                          I feel your pain with this issue.  Here is an idea that I've been thinking about trying.  Create a Pause file that is used to reconnect the user to the server.  Then give the users the option to run a pause script. The steps would be something like this:


                          1. user executes the pause scripts

                          2. the scripts grabs the active record ids from the server and the layout the user was on (you might need more data)

                          3. Use Open url to perform an open script in the Pause file (pass the ids and layout with a script parameter)

                          4. Close all files except the Pause file.

                          5. The Pause file has a Resume button that reconnects to the server and uses the script parameter data to reset the server files.

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                            That could work.


                            The thing is we are using GoZync which works as an offline copy of the database and syncs to the server when you tell it to and when you have internet connection.


                            We also have the application ping the server (when network is available) to establish whether they are on WiFi, LTE, or no network connection is found.


                            It's just a pain that a slight disconnect can cause such grief. Specially to corrupt the file.


                            Also, I don't know if I mentioned this at the top, but when they were testing the application on FMGo, they had no internet connection at all. So they were using the local file on the mobile device.


                            Thanks again.

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                              Have you done a google search for Gozync corrupt files.  This might return some useful articles.  If you are using Gozync, I'm guessing what is happening is after a sync the network connections remain and network files are not close.  Then when your network drops the potential corruption occurs.


                              Here are a couple articles

                              SeedCode Support Forum • View topic - Damaged Files

                              SeedCode Documentation: GoZync5/Troubleshooting 

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                                Thanks for the links.


                                I have looked at the troubleshooting guide multiple times.


                                The support forum though was a good find. PhilModJunk describes the same issue we are having.

                                Granted it doesn't happen ALL the time. It was just random.

                                And Phil has helped me a lot in the past too in the FM community forums.


                                I might take that advice about having a close file button into consideration though. Currently I have an exit app button on the actual mobile file. But they have not been instructed to close the file. They just leave it open.


                                So that might be the culprit.


                                Thanks rgordon.