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Downloading large files from FM Cloud

Question asked by Jonathan Jeffery on Jul 18, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 20, 2017 by Jonathan Jeffery

I have a solution hosted on FMcloud, and I've run into a problem.


The solution comprises a couple of small interface files, and a large data file (possibly 10Gb, although the console doesn't share that information)


I now need to get hold of a copy of the data file for some off-line work. However, the download fails repeatedly as the console times out (even if I do my best to keep the session live).


This is a known issue (see Downloading large database files from FileMaker Cloud may be interrupted if the FileMaker Cloud Admin Console times out … ), which I suppose that FileMaker is working on. I've also raised it as a support ticket.


That said, in the mean time, I'm stuck with a hosted, backed-up, database that I cannot get a copy of.


I was wondering about using SFTP to connect to FM cloud instance's volumes and downloading the file directly -- has anyone had any success with this?


I'm also wondering about making a volume out of a back-up snapshot, and then attaching it to a small Linux instance (so that I know the required username for my SFTP connection, which I don't for Orbitera's FMcloud image).


However, I'd need to take ownership of the volume, and that's a bit beyond my linux/shh/AWS knowledge.


Can anyone help?