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    Device detection and 1st deployment


      Im having a tremendous amount of trouble getting my head around “detecting device and platform types”

      I completely get how, why and when to use it in a script, to perform a specific task.

      Where my problem lies is in telling FMPro what to do at the beginning.

      Does a device log in, and the server realises OK its an iPad i will send it to the iPad main card layout. Ive seen something about making an OnOpen script. I watched RC Consulting video on "Detecting devices and platform types" which I get.

      I have trawled Google and Youtube and the FMP help site. Ive found some help in the post that user 14047 answered. But nobody seems to say "OK heres what you do to start with" the tech info is all there, just not quite how to deploy it.


      By the way a big thanks to user14047philmfdjunkbeverlyGuyStevens This is where you helped me get to in 4 weeks ish.


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