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    Script to Modify a record after N days is not working.  Need Help


      Ok, Here is my problem.  I am performing a find on my Service table looking for a specific status.  Once found, if it is more than N days old a Closed Ticket script is run that will change the status from resolved to closed.  My problem is after the perform find.  After records are found the if statement will run on the first Resolved status ticket found.  If that ticket is less than N the script ends and will never go to the next record.  I even tried to stick a sort records after the perform find the same thing happens


      go to layout

      enter find mode

      set field [ServicMGMT::Status; "Resolved"]

      perform find

      sort records [Ascending; ServiceMGMT::ModifiedTime]

      If [ServiceMGMT::ModifiedTime <= (Get (CurrentTimestam0 -5 * 24 * 3600)]

      Perform Script ["Close Ticket"]

      End if

      show all records

      exit script