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    Calculation vs calculated value


      Hello there,


      This question is not new and it has been discussed many times before.

      Calculation field do slow down the process, especially when a table has so many records. In the other hand, calculated value does not automatically change its value. Which is the best, taking into account that time is too important.


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          My opinion, but also looking for clarification


          For dynamic calculation, or calculations that are likely changed often  such as count()  due to the  number of records changing often I would use a calculation field that is unstored.


          for static calculations, or ones that only calculates within a record  upon record entry,  I like to set it to auto input the field with a calculation, and uncheck the "Do not replace". This gives the flexibility in the event a record field is modified that it will recalculate only as needed and not every time it is called