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Red arrows in Inspector:  I cannot see them

Question asked by dburnham on Jul 18, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 19, 2017 by DLarsen

I have known since the age of 12 that I am color-blind.  I understand that my form of color-blindness is called "red-green".  The symptom is that I find it hard to differentiate between dark colors, especially if they are not brightly illuminated.   For example I have been observed wearing socks that are mismatched because they both look black to me, but others see navy blue or burgundy.


How this affects me in FileMaker is, I am told, in the Inspector.  I have been informed several times that the tiny arrows in the Inspector that appear to the right of Theme and Style in the Appearance panel are sometimes shown with a red color.   If this is true, I have never seen the red color, so I can't say that I know what it means.  If it is a question on the certification exam, I would not be able to answer it.   However, I can see the asterisks that indicate the existence of a locally modified style or theme and I know what they mean.


The size of the Inspector cannot be enlarged unless one changes the monitor resolution.  That's a shame, because with high resolution displays, I find that I am regularly leaning forward to see certain tiny details in the Inspector, e.g. checkboxes and numerals  (6 and 8 look very similar at a normal distance).  And yes, my eyeglasses prescription is current.


So my question is:  if a red color exists, what does it mean?  And is there any reason why, if there is a meaning, that these tiny tools could be made double their size in pixels (there's enough room in the Inspector) or perhaps modified to allow a more visible color like bright orange or yellow?