PHP API - getValueListTwoFields - empty Array with related values

Discussion created by fmdataweb on Jul 19, 2017
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I'm using FileMaker Server 16.0.2 and the PHP API/Custom Web Publishing.


I've setup a value list in the database that uses the "values from field" option and references an ID field as well as a name field but with the "show values only from second field" selected. It also has the "included only related values starting from" selected - see screenshot.


When I use the getValueListTwoFields method to retrieve this valuelist I get an empty array.


If I change the value list from the "included only related values starting from"  to the "include all values" option it starts working immediately, but this is not the value list I can use as I need to use the "included only related values starting from" to return specific records. I can't see anything in the CWP v16 guide that mentions any limitations or incompatibility with the "included only related values starting from" setting in the value list.


This discussion:


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is also about this same issue, but there was no resolution so far.