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    Upgrading FM13 to FM15


      Good afternoon all,


      Can anyone advise me on the below query?

      We are looking to move from FM13.0v5 to the newest version of FM15.

      This includes upgrading the servers also.


      So my question is - is it safe enough to upgrade straight to FM15 or should we be doing an upgrade to 14 then to 15?


      Any advice would be extremely appreciated


      Thank you

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          Hello Craig,


          I just upgraded our deployment from v13 to v16 and it went fine. The one of the big differences is that the newer versions of FM like to have a certificate issued by an approved vendor.


          If at all possible I recommend setting up an environment where you can test the upgrade before you deploy to the masses.  Also make sure you can revert back to v13 if the upgrade goes south on you.

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            I forget to mention; we skipped v14 and v15. Went directly from v13 to v16.

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              Markus Schneider

              Should be no problem, V15 seems to be smoother than 14


              You might check Your fonts and outputs

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                Thanks for the details DLarsen


                Yes we will be placing it in a Flexiclone Server for under a month and will under go some tests to inspect the functionallity of our scheduled tasks and ensure layouts are working!


                Glad to hear we can skip straight through to FM16! But we will just be sticking to FM15 for now as our company generally waits about 6 months before upgrading to ensure bug fixes have been made.


                Thanks for your help!

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                  Cheers Markus! I believe we stuck to only using Tahoma throughout our system.. so we will wait and see!

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                    Please ensure you test the creation of  PDF files from within FileMaker Pro v15 and check these can be printed by Windows PCs within Acrobat.


                    We have been fighting PDF problems with v15 from the earliest to the last release. The official solution is to remove the original Classic theme from the layouts, although this can be a significant amount of work.


                    The PDF engine has subsequently been rewritten for v16





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                      Hi Andy,


                      That could be problematic for us as we create PDFs throughout the system currently.


                      Are you aware if it is okay to open stored PDFs?


                      Thank you,

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                        It has been a while since the problem started and we've been through 3 updates, the initial release was very troublesome in particular. From memory I don't believe there was any problem with the PDFs opening using v15.0.3, but the main problem was printing from Windows and Acrobat. There was a work around that worked for some people, which was to select the option to print as a picture, but we didn't find this 100% effective even using v15.0.3, the latest version


                        The disappointing thing was that the majority of layouts created in older versions of FileMaker used the Classic theme and with 15 years worth of our solutions still being used by clients, changing the themes on every output layout would mean a lot of time and cost.


                        I would recommend opening local copies of your databases in FMP v15, generate some PDFs and open and print these on a number of PCs. We've had identical PCs printing to the same printer - some would print and others wouldn't.


                        All the best



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                          Thank you Andy!


                          Fortunately I work for a Printing Company so if we find a solution I will let you know

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                            Markus Schneider

                            we've had that too - but here, it was a font that caused the problems, not the classic theme. Changing the font helped - if it's an old fontfile, buying a new version might solve the problem (we had that also with old 'Univers' fonts, was a problem because the new fontfiles did not render properly)

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                              How strange! So the scripting language wasn't altered and nothing made redundant that I should watch out for>

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                                Personally, with the PDF proviso, which wasn't such a problem in v14, I'd have preferred going straight from v14 to v15 as it felt like the product that v14 should have been and many of the nuances of 14 were sorted.


                                As an aside it is early days in v16, most of it we really like and are developing in it for most of the time, but haven't released it in a production environment as yet. Window handling is a challenge to make sure our solutions work in v15 but take advantage of the great new options in v16 when running within Windows. Not an issue with Macs (I would assume this is what you're using in a print environment?).


                                Most of the issues we're aware of are Windows related, but for the right reasons, as it is finally behaving consistently across both platforms.





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                                  Thanks for the insight; we are primarily windows based but all the drivers are optimised for both Mac&Windows.


                                  We will hopefully start this two or three weeks but if we find any work arounds I will let you know.



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                                    Why not 16?

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