Filemaker SaaS feasibility discussion

Discussion created by reddoorrandy on Jul 19, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 20, 2017 by miler24

I have not developed for FM since it was a one digit version .  Loved the platform as I was able to make a learn and develop a database WHILE running our company in 3 months.  It ran for years with no issues.



However the "new" Filemaker is rather obtuse to me with all the options on the web/server side.   Basically looking to develop a (simple) database for a specific industry, which I can market to small/medium companies in that industry.  I have seen various threads and articles on costs and AWS vs FM Server etc. 


How do I narrow down the practicality and costs I would incur (which I would have to pass down to each customer).  Is there a good article/source of information out there which explains this to an old time FM Dev?  I would think a simple graph could explain the cost vs. data/cpu time.


Also the license fee's seem large according to one thread I was reading.  Does that overhead/cost make my idea unfeasible? What kind of end user fees would I expect to have to charge as a minimum?