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    will v17 be backward compatible?


      Hi folks,


      Does anyone have information about whether v17 will be backwards compatible? It's becoming a pressing concern for me and my client...




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          Backward compatibility...Regarding what functionality? In what context? What is the client's specific concern?




          I'm not aware of any feature that used to work that no longer does, but I only started using FMP at version 11 (now at a comfy 14).

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            If there will be a file version change (.fmp17) there would likely be a conversion just like the fmp7 to fmp12 conversion. I am sure most all features and functions would still work in that case, just as things did from fmp7.

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              If v17 retains fmp12 it will be compatible, but remember that FMS16 already will not accept FM12 or FM13 client connections for security reasons.

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                As fmpdude stated, "backward compatibility" is a very large umbrella. Perhaps if you gave us some more information about exactly what you're worried about, we could provide a better answer.

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                  Nobody but the FileMaker development team knows the answer. If someone outside FMI knows then they are under non-disclosure. Like bigtom said, even if there is a file format change, you just need to convert the files. Is there some reason why converting the files is going to cause you trouble? Maybe we can help if you tell us why.

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                    Prior to FM16 being released, FMI did a series of webinars detailing the platform roadmap. I'd expect similar things to be done prior to FM17.


                    There will likely be certain things that change - specifically the OS requirements for the platform. FMI will build and certify to a certain set of OS's and that's it. It may run on others but won't be officially supported. Your mileage may vary. bigtom is correct on the restrictions due to security. Similar things could happen in the future.


                    IMO, it seems a little premature to start worrying about FM17 when 16 is only a couple months old now.

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                      I would suggest that it does not really matter. Build your solution and fuggedaboutit.


                      FM is a DB not an OS. Versions tend to be supported for many years. I have v7 solutions that still run fine on the latest Mac OS.


                      The exception would be if you are anticipating some new feature from FM 17, and I would recommend against planning that way.

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                        As FBA/FDS member you may get betas before release to try as well as invitation to webinars about roadmap.

                        Especially there should be one in fall to detail out which features will go in v17.

                        Not sure if you need FBA or FDS to be invited.