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Edit Record List based on Value List

Question asked by dantrue on Jul 19, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 20, 2017 by dantrue

Hi, I'm brand new to FMP, so I may be trying to do this in a much more complicated than necessary way.


I created a table called FloorTable with two fields, FloorName and FloorFrequency. I used a script to calculate the FloorFrequency of the FloorName in the InventoryTable, which is linked by FloorName. Each Record in FloorTable holds a different FloorName and its corresponding FloorFrequency. Now when users go to input a new Inventory item, they select which floor from a drop-down menu which has values from an editable pre-defined Value List called FloorOptions. When they edit FloorOptions, I want it to update the FloorTable records to make FloorName match, but I cannot reference FloorOptions directly and if I set the drop-down options equal to a field, users cannot edit the list. Ideas?