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Sync Attandance type

Question asked by samarthmkt on Jul 19, 2017
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Hello Friends,

Here i have a layout for performingScreenshot (23).pngScreenshot (24).png daily Attandance with 4 Attandance type button setup (Present,Absent,Halfday and Extra Day) which on trigger fills the status of the employees . Button setup is scriptted with each attandance type. In script on trigger the attandance type button as per employees day date status goes to first row of portal(if status field is empty) and then to next(If status field is not empty) and so on to last row. Another there is one more button setup in portal row which sync the attandance status of that portal row employee name with perform script. Its ok everything is performing well. So at present with two times button setup (First on Attandance type status button trigger second on sync employee button trigger) triggering the cycle complets.Now i want the second button  script which is in portal row merge with Attandance type button so on single button triggering cycle complets . I have tried but unable to do so. So pls guide is there any wat to complete the cycle on single triggerin on button.


Screenshot (18).pngScreenshot (19).pngScreenshot (20).pngScreenshot (21).pngScreenshot (22).png