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    FileMaker 16 Pro Advanced window bug!



      I would a bug with FileMaker 16 Pro Advanced. I have not tested this on FMPro. Every time am draging the script workspace to the left corner to make it automaticly set to the left corner of the screen, filemaker stop working/crashes.




      Filemaker version:

      Windows: 10 64bit

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          Thank you for your post.


          Using Windows 10 (with and without the Creators update), I am unable to replicate the issue.  That is, I open a database file, open the Script Workspace, and when I drag it to the left or right corners, the Script Workspace appears in its new position.  Holding down the Windows key and pressing the right and left arrows also moves the window to the right and left edges, respectively.


          Does this crash occur with a new database file?


          Do you have any plug-ins installed/enabled?


          Any other information you can provide about your computing environment may be helpful in narrowing down the cause.



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