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    Calculation from Related Records


      I am sure I am missing the obvious on this.  I have a master record (Contract) that can have anywhere from one to five (but no limit really) related records of services to be provided.  Each related record has a start date and end date with a status (active or inactive).  I want a calculated status on the parent record that swtiches to Inactive when all related records are inactive.  I am just not seeing the calculation for this.  Currently I have it manually toggled on the related records as well as the master record.

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          you need a formula field in related records of service to figure out if the record is active, which could be:


          "status" : if( Get(CurrentDate)≥ start date AND Get(CurrentDate)≤ end date; 1 ; 0)

          (calculation field result needs to be set as number)


          on the Master record you set a calculation field (result as needed, but text if you take the example below:

          if ( sum ( related_table::status) < 1; "inactive"; "active")


          hope that helps



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            In contract, you can define this unstored calculation field:


            If ( IsEmpty ( FilterValues ( List ( Services::Status ) ; "Active" ) ) ; "Inactive" ; "active" )

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              In my related file I have a field for the status that I can toggle off or on.  As a service is added to Active and when a service is cancelled it is marked in active.  When all services have been cancelled, then I wanted the Master record to show Inactive. 


              Thank you both for the quick responses.  Thank you Phil for the solution I was drawing a blank on.