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Mass Email with different attachments

Question asked by TiffanyMulally on Jul 19, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 19, 2017 by mikebeargie

Hi there. I am attempting to create a script that will send individual emails to all those found along with an attachment specific to that person.


Here is what I have written so far:

Go to Related Record [Show only released records; From table:"Student_course"; Using layout:"Student_course" (Student_course)]

Set Variable [$filename; Value:ValueListIDs ( "file:Student Lists/Email PDF/") &Contacts::Last &"Contacts::First &".xls"]

Export Records [No dialog; "$filename"; Unicode (UTF-16)]

Go to Layout [original layout]

Send Mail [Send via E-mail Client, To:...]


When I run this script, it creates an email for each students along with an attachment, but it keeps attaching the same attachment (i.e. SmithSandra.xls).

Can you please tell me how I can create and attach a separate exported spreadsheet for each students? Thank you.