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Problem with running script via PHP

Question asked by vaios_p on Jul 20, 2017
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Hello everyone,


I have a problem with running a Send Mail Script Step via PHP.


This is the php code


$layout = 'My Layout';

$script = 'Send Mail';

$parameter = '';

$request = $fm->newPerformScriptCommand($layout, $script, $parameter);

$result = $request->execute();


if (FileMaker::isError($result))


$message .= 'The email address you entered does not exist' . '<p>';




$message .= 'Your password will be sent to your email address shortly.' . '<p>';



And this is the FileMaker Script.


Allow User Abort [ On ]

Set Error Capture [ On ]

Send Mail [ Send via SMTP Server ; No dialog ; To: "" ; Subject: "New Order of Services" ; Message: "Order received" ]


Go to Layout [ “My layout”]

New Record/Request


Now my problem is that when i run the script via PHP the mail is not sent (but i know the script has been executed because it creates a new record)


And i know the SMTP server is set up properly because when i execute the same script using FileMaker 15 is works perfectly , sending the mail i want.


Do you have any ideas on what might be the problem?