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Windows PDF without Preview Image does not Display a Web Viewer when you go to FM Preview Mode

Question asked by taylorsharpe on Jul 19, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 21, 2017 by monkeybreadsoftware

I have a client using all Windows and they are managing a lot of PDF documents.  When PDFs are created on Windows, they do not have the JPG preview embedded in them, which is why when you look at them in a container field, all you see if a PDF icon.  And, yes, I know if you make the PDFs on a Mac, the JPG preview is there and visible in container fields.  This company is not Mac and isn't going there.


How I usually solve this problem is I have a WebViewer and I write the PDF to the temporary file and the web viewer in the FileMaker layout just points to that temporary file and all is good.  This works just fine in browse mode and you can see the PDFs in the web viewer.  HOWEVER, when you switch to Preview mode (or if you print or export to PDF), all of those PDF images go away leaving blanks in those web viewers.


One way I've fixed these is to have a Mac robot add previews to the PDFs by exporting and reimporting (actually, I just uuencode/uudecode).  But these guys are all Windows and I hate using robots.  When FMS 16 started supporting PDFs on the server, I was hoping the server would make PDF previews like on the Mac, but that does not happen on a Windows server.  So no luck there.


Is there an elegant way to see a PDF in a web viewer that can be printed and/or seen in Preview mode?  What they really are doing is placing multiple PDFs on a layout and exporting to PDF to create a new PDF showing multiple documents.  But it is not working.


Any suggestion is appreciated.