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    FBA Price increase


      My FBA membership has gone up nearly 50% to £478 and although I paid yesterday I am considering canceling and asking for my money back. How do I cancel my membership and recover my subscription? and if I do will I have to buy Filemaker Developer at full price?  I cannot seem to get through to anyone in the UK to talk about this...

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          Could 478 be price including VAT?

          And maybe include FDS?


          If old price was with better exchange rate without FDS and VAT, it could be much lower.

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            This year they have bundled FDS with FBA so you pay once instead of twice. Perhaps you have a couple of FDS? As Christian said, exchange rates matter and FMI recently updated their prices across the board to meet the latest exchange rates plus any expected fluctuations in the recent future.


            For me considering the price of getting FMPA every year plus access to iOS SDK, partner site, discounts for customers and preview versions more than covers the cost.