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Search for specific text field information in related table

Question asked by BenjaminMaurer on Jul 19, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 21, 2017 by philmodjunk

Hi Everyone,


I stumbled upon the following issue which needs a formula for conditional formatting in order to provide me visual feedback in my database.


One of my portals lists projects, another table has documents.

The portal should give visual feedback if a document, defined as a specific class is created in the Document table.

(Represented by a o if a document exists, if no file with that class is available it should be shown as o.


Each o should check: Is there a document with the Class "Overview" / "Closeout" connected to "Current Project" in the Document table.

(see below)


My mind is currently not capable of finding the right solution to it.

Any ideas?




Project portal:

                Overview    Closeout


Project 1 |        o       |           |


Project 2 |             |       o      |


Project 3 |        o       |       o       |


Document table:

Document 1

     Project: Project 1

     Class: Overview

Document 2

     Project: Project 2

     Class: Closeout

Document 3

     Project: Project 3

     Class: Overview

Document 4

     Project: Project 3

     Class: Closeout