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    Object styles are lost


      In fmp16, text object styles in forms are automatically changed to a default style of object type "group".

      This happens in several applications / filemaker files.

      How to get rid of this behaviour?

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          Ungroup the objects and you'll see their styles.


          "group" isn't a style, it's telling you that a set of objects, each which may have a different style have been grouped to act like a single object. In 16, you can also use the new tools that it comes with to see and style the individual members of the group without ungrouping.


          There have been a number of reports of layout objects becoming part of "groups" when that was not expected in v16. In some cases, these are layout objects that were grouped into buttons, but not always.

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            I can repeat it now.

            A text object in the header of a form looses its style when I tell it to perform a script when pressed (button setup).

            The object style becomes “Default”. See screenshots “before” and “after”. The text object cannot be changed anymore.

            This happens to me since I upgraded to FM16 (pro advanced). FM14 (pro advanced) handled it correctly.





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              There are no screen shots that I can open in your post.


              But this just restates what I posted last. When you create a button from a layout object, it groups the object with a transparent "button" object to create a grouped object button. This also happens in earlier versions of FileMaker. People have long complained about this.


              But the style is still there and still accessible. In earlier versions, you had to ungroup the object, losing the button settings to change the style or set an object name. In 16, you can access and modify the style of the objects that make up a group using the new tools provided in that version.

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                I can now see your screen shots, don't know if you updated them or if they just didn't display the first time around, but this just confirms what I posted. See the following screen shot:


                If you click to open the new Layout Objects tool, you'll find an entry for your grouped object. If you click the arrow to the left, you'll get a list of each object in the group and be able to see and change it's style.



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                  Using any object and applying a button/script to it will make it "grouped". As noted many places, this has always happened. What has changed in FMP/A 16 is the way to edit these objects-in-a-group. Use the Layout Objects.

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                    Dear Beverly,

                    Thanks for your reply. I must have missed all notes about this subject.

                    But I'am afraid, your statement isn't correct.

                    When you apply a button/script to a text object in FMP14(A) the style properties do not change visually.

                    (I skipped FMP15).

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                      I did not say that in FM14 that they changed, merely that the objects were always grouped when you made them a button. I have back to FMP11 on my laptop and the "object" is grouped (according to the menus) when I make them buttons.

                      FileMaker 11 (Mac):

                      plain text


                      set up as button



                      Ungroup is highlighted & clearly showing a "grouped" object (showing button). I started with a fresh file, no tricks or legacy stuff...

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                        This seems to catch a lot of people off guard but I do believe Beverly is correct and her screen shots show this is the case of what is going on.


                        Any object made into a button will have a new layer added to it.  This is not new to FM16 what is new is that we can see it in the object inspector prior to 16 it was not visible to us.


                        Part of the moving the platform ahead to current

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                          I surrender. You convinced me thoroughly. Thanks! Really.

                          (May be I should do more research before I ....)

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                            I think we all have been in your shoes . . .


                            Also you might want to change the correct answer so that others who wander this way will see that.

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                              Thanks for your suggestion

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                                To be fair, Ken, fpmick61 was correct that the STYLES in Inspector are changed, but trying to know "why" is the tough part.