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Sort Document in Subfolder for Container without a script

Question asked by BenjaminMaurer on Jul 20, 2017
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This might be a fairly easy question but I still struggle on the right formula to fill into the open storage field in Container Storage.


I use a document container with an external storage.


Table (Documents):

   Document ID

   Document Type

   Document Sub-Type



Type and Sub-Type is selected before a document is dropped into the container.


It should sort it to a folder which represents the Type and Sub-Type


e.g. I selected Type: "Test", Subtype: "Failures" the document should be stored in:

[database location]/Test/Failures


With the open storage function I can only define the level: Documents::Document Type but I do not know the symbol to be used to allow an additional subfolder


It should be something like Document::Document Type /(?)/ Document::Document Subtype


Is this possible or does it need to be solved via a script?