tableau "unable to load" error

Discussion created by alternapop on Jul 19, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 4, 2017 by user24968

I'm playing with setting up Tableau for the first time. For now, I have the free version of Tableau Public on my Mac and am trying to set up a data connector to our FMP 16 server.


When I enter the server's address in the Tableau data connector field it shows, "Unable to load the following URL: https://domainname/fmi/rest/tableau/fm_connector.html".  (I've removed the actual domain name)


However, when I load the same URL in a local web browser it loads the "Import Data from FileMaker File" page just fine where you enter in the credentials.  What could be causing this to fail within the Tableau app?  Does it use port 80/443?


Additionally, for the test database I'm using, when I enter the credentials in the URL listed above it fails to connect when I click on the blue, "Import FileMaker Data" button.  Any ideas?