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Separating Field From List Calculation

Question asked by gandhibeats on Jul 20, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 28, 2017 by fitch

Hello all,



1) Currently, the "Peak_Center" value is listing the "GeneID" value based on specific parameters. For some criteria, there may be multiple values that get listed for the specific peak_center (as seen in the picture). I was wondering if there were a way to separate out these values so that I could export a single file list containing the geneIDs. The values are currently separated by a comma if there is multiple values associated with it but I could change it to a paragraph break if it is more convenient.


I was thinking a possible solution could be to create two records of "Peak_Center" if there are two values associated with it and create a separate entry for each GeneID. for example: have two records of 1167350 one associated with 51150 and another associated with 126792