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    Difficulties with moving layouts in Layout Manager (FMP16 Adv.)


      I have Filemaker Pro 16 Advanced, I have been having what I think is a problem (but unsure if it is just me). When I try to move around layouts and folders, it is nearly impossible to do. The mouse does not change to a hand when hovering over the up/down arrow, and when I hold down to move (I even make sure to single click the layout/folder) that item, it does not move. If I hold down a second, then move, the item above or below will move (depending on which direction I went). It is really annoying and makes work VERY difficult, specially in a bigger project I am on that has already gotten to its 20th layout (every layout is important, specially with the new Card feature of FMP16).


      But I want to make sure if it is just me, or a real problem that may get fixed? (yes I tried reinstall, just in case. And I am running on Windows 10, 64bit).