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    Get directory path functions don't work on server-side scripts in 16


      Product and version: Server 16 v.1 and v.2


      OS and version: WinServer 2012 R2 (that I know of)


      Hardware: any (evidently)


      Description: Get ( DocumentsPath ) and Get ( TemporaryPath ) don't return valid locations when called in a server script. No error appears to be thrown at the time of the failure, although later steps may throw secondary/dependency errors. MAY also be the cause of attachments to emails not working in server scripts.


      How to replicate: Scheduled, PSOS or CWP-called scripts fail to perform correctly when attempting to employ a path that includes one of these functions.


      Workaround: Hardcode the FMS Documents folder path and it works. No suggestions for a workaround about the Temporary Folder path at this time.


      [Initial testing performed and issue discovered by David Jondreau. Further testing performed and workaround discovered by Nick Orr.]