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Hide Fields in FM 15

Question asked by Kirk_1 on Jul 20, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 20, 2017 by breezer

I'm using FM 15


I have a layout/table, that has 3 separate functions (presented by found sets) and I'm trying to label each found set in the header. All in list view...

            1st function = A

            2nd function = B

            3rd function = A and B


Its easy to use the hide function and lay the labels for A and B on top of each other… - which is working great

            If the 1st record isA then hide B

            If the 2nd record isB then hide A


I’m trying to figure out a clever way to put a third label in the mix for the 3rd function – A and B.


I can always make second “combined layout” and move in and out of it from the buttons/scripts, but I was hoping to keep it to one…


Any ideas?