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    com.apple.WebKit Error in FIAS (Xcode)


      Hello all,


      I am bundling a FileMaker app in FIAS (iOS-SDK).

      I use the web viewer to drag and drop images (records in FileMaker).

      On FileMaker desktop (FM16) and in FileMaker Go on the iPad and iPhone, this works perfectly, but when I bundle the app in Xcode and attempt to drag an image in the web viewer -- as an iOS bundled app -- although the drag moves, it does not WRITE the change (sort number) back to FileMaker.


      The error in Xcode is:


      Could not signal service com.apple.WebKit.WebContent: 113: Could not find specified service


      The Web Viewer content is:

      "file:/" & If(Get(SystemPlatform)=1;"volumes";"")  & Get(TemporaryPath) & "sortByDrag.html"


      I know this is stretch, using FIAS to do this, but it works just fine in FM Go.


      Any help would be appreciated,