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Filemaker Server login page showing old server version

Question asked by kiwikaty on Jul 21, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 21, 2017 by kiwikaty

I am sure this must be simple. There must be something I have to clear out. I have just upgraded from filemaker v14.4 to v16.2 and I am getting old server icon and admin console screens are showing FileMaker Server 14 when it is logging into v16. I have tried deleting my temp java caches. I thought it was maybe because I did not delete the filemaker server folder, so for the fun of it, I uninstalled the new version, deleted the filemaker server folder and installed again but the pinned shortcut and spash screen etc are still showing server v14. Is it IE? I did run an uninstall of v14 so this must be cosmetic stuff left behind somewhere?


Many thanks, I really want to see the flash new blue icon!