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Help using Dacons Mailit to send mail (SMTP) over Office 365 (MS Exchange).

Discussion created by Magnus Fransson on Jul 21, 2017
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Hi all,


I have an old, fully functional, mail-solution running against a Kerio connect server, using Dacons Mailit to send mails over SMTP. Now we are moving to Office 365 and MS Exchange. It has not been as straight forward as just change the settings.


Is there someone with the specific experience of, connecting to the latest “reincarnation” of Microsoft’s cloud based office 365/exchange server, using the latest version of Dacons Mailit plugin?


I do not really know what the problem is, but I suspect that I’m missing some authentication options in my value lists (the solution is old).


I will come back with some error codes, but as Dacons are very limited in their error codes, I doubt that they will be of any help.


With best regards Magnus Fransson.


Edit: 360 -> 365.


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