Filemaker: Incorrect summaries and Script triggers fail

Discussion created by louk on Jul 21, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 23, 2017 by philmodjunk

1. I have a field that updates correctly from a related field. But the Summary field that is supposed to Total it does not.


2. I did a workaround by adding a local script to scroll through the found set to add up this field. I added an OnObjectSave script trigger to the related field. It appeared to work at first, but it has stopped. I reopened the files. It appeared to work once, then it appeared to be using the value previously in the field, and then it stopped responding at all.


To test, I added a button in the related file to run the local script, the same script as the script trigger. The button works just fine, it's the Script trigger that does not. Then there's this: When trying OnObjectExit, the trigger worked only after going to another record in the related file and exiting that record's field. Then that stopped.


The only way I have any confidence in this Filemaker file now is to manually click a run button. Not what I had in mind. I wanted the local Summary field to Total. It doesn't. Then I wanted the local script to run when the related field was saved. It doesn't.


There is no warning, no dialog that anything I'm doing is not permitted. Neither the Summary field nor the Script Trigger work and Filemaker displays incorrect totals.


Any ideas?





Mac 10.12.5