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    SOAP not enabled in fms 15?


      Hi all. I've been upgrading a Filemaker/CWP system from FMS 10 to 15.

      New Machine:

      Filemaker Server 15

      Windows Server 2008 R2 Standard.

      PHP Version 5.6.24


      One of my php pages uses SOAP functionality to query Fedex Deliveries. Has worked beautifully for years. But since the move to FMS 15 the system does NOT recognize the soap commands. a Call to  new Soapclient(...) generates a fatal error.


      PHP Info does NOT show the SOAP details

      PHP Info indicates i've got the correct extensions path set up

      the php_soap.dll file is definitely in the extensions directory

      i've uncommented the extension=php_soap.dll in the PHP.ini file


      I"m pulling my hair out. Any thoughts on this?

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          FMS does not natively support SOAP and never has, there's the PHP API, the XML API and ODBC/JDBC in FMS15.  So I'm guessing there is some 'translation' going on from the SOAP calls in FM to one of the FM APIs?

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            My guess is that the PHP installed with FMServer is not quite the same as in previous version (been there with PHP upgrades!)


            While it appears that the required PHP libraries are there (OP says), but I'd be interested in what error codes might be returned.


            Other functions in PHP may also have changed from what was on FMS10 to FMS15.


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              Hi Ian,


              On Windows the PHP SOAP extension is not enabled by default in the php.ini file in the FileMaker Server installed version of PHP. You just need to edit the php.ini file and enable this line:




              (you may also need to do the same for extension=php_openssl.dll)


              Make sure you're editing the correct php.ini file as indicated in the output from php info.


              then restart IIS in the IIS Manager.




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                This is an easy problem to solve using a microservice.


                From FMP, you could call INSERT FROM URL, passing the SOAP method you want to call. In the service, which has total control, you would call a SOAP method (again, simply created by a standard, free, utility like "Wsdl2Java") get and return results. So, the web service handles the heavy lifting. And SOAP in Java is relatively simple.


                Apache CXF -- WSDL to Java


                The nice thing here, again, is that this method should work perfectly from any FMP version. Or even outside of FMP from Terminal. Or from the Browser. No license agreements! All free.


                Sound good?

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                  fmpdude. do you have time to coach me on this? this is a one-time thing for me, i've never used soap, and really want to get pass issue to other matters...


                  I'd compensate you for your time, of course



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                    Thanks databuzz. those settings are already all in place... just rechecked them. restarted server. no change. Which suggests Filemaker has modified their version of PHP - that's all I can think of....




                    my problem also is that I've done very little with soap, and the time i've put into solving this is crazy. I'm happy to hire someone who can help via screenshare and skype...