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    devcon2 go


      How do i get the app on my phone?  It is incompatible with my filemaker server 15.  I do have it running on my desktop with filemaker pro advanced 16.  I read that i can change the minimum required version, but i dont have permission to change that.

      Where is the barcode app?

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          What message are you seeing? Are you having issues connecting your Go 16 to other files on your 15 server or just this file?


          If you cannot connect to other files it may be you need to update your server to the latest version v15.0.3


          -- Orlando

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            Hi Joseph928


            DevCon2Go17 does require FileMaker GO 16 or FileMaker Pro/Advanced 16.

            The reason is that it uses several FileMaker 16 specific features.


            The app is designed to run directly and local on your device, so please install FileMaker Go 16 on your device (free download from the AppStore) and then download the file from the link below, and open/copy it into FileMaker Go 16.


            DevCon2Go17 is NOT designed to run on your server as some features are only working locally.


            DevCon2Go17 is btw. Open Source, which means that you can use the feature More... -> Developer Tools -> Unlock when you open the file on your Desktop.

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              Sorry, here is the link to DevCon2Go17:


              FileMaker DevCon2Go for 2017 - Download today!

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