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FMS 14 Migration Problem

Question asked by doughemi on Jul 21, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 21, 2017 by doughemi

I cannot get my FMS 14 installation working on my new computer (iMac 21.5" Retina 4K, Sierra).


My roller coaster ride over the last two days looks something like this:


I connect to my old computer with an ethernet cable and run Migration Assistant.  Yay!

It takes 6 hours. Boo!

I check my FMPA connection to my remote host successfully. Yay!

I check my local host. Nothing. Boo!

I look at /Library/FileMaker Server/. It's empty.Boo!

I install FMS14. Installer says it's successful. Yay!

I run Deployment Assistant. Connection fails, and eventually gives me a 404 error. Boo!

I scour the forums, and find where Wim Decorte says to uninstall and reinstall FMS 14. OK, I uninstall.

For some reason, I open FMPA14. The ever-annoying Launch Center appears with all my local files under both "Local" and my [external] IP address! And they open! What The ...?

I discover they are in Users/fmserver. Hmmm!

But there is still no Admin Console! Boo!


It's the last round, and Boo is ahead on points. Yay needs a knockout. Wim also said to delete stray folders and repair permissions before reinstalling. Which stray folders and what permissions should I start with?