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Webdirect export on card window: no go?

Question asked by William-Porter on Jul 21, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 25, 2017 by William-Porter

Let me stipulate the following to save people the trouble of reminding me.


  1. I'm aware that WebDirect doesn't support card windows as such. (Possibly pertinent here but my problem went beyond card windows.)
  2. I'm also aware that a script step that opens a card window or any other type of window in FileMaker Pro 16 does not obviously fail in WebDirect: It just opens a window that, as it were, sits on top of the original window until the script closes it.
  3. I'm aware WebDirect can't export in mobile browser. (Not pertinent here.)
  4. I'm aware that WebDirect doesn't support exporting to .xlsx, .fmp12, xml. (Not pertinent here as I'm not trying to export to these formats: I'm using .cvs.)


So here's the executive summary: Only certain types of window seem to be able to perform a successful import in WebDirect.




My script looks sort of like the following.


Set variable [ $tempwindowname ; <my temp window name>]

New Window [ $tempwindowname; card window with close box and 'dim parent window']


Find some records


If [ get( systemplatform ) = 4 // webdirect ]

    Export records [ "output.csv", dialog on, automatically open ]


    Export records [ get(desktoppath) & "output.xlsx", dialog on, automatically open]

End If


Close window [$tempwindowname, current file only]



Works fine in FileMaker Pro. Fails in WebDirect -- and without generating an error.




So I played with it some more after this initial experience.


First I discovered that the export worked fine in WebDirect if I simply did not create the new window (in other words, if I switched to a layout based on the source data table and did the export, then added a Go to Layout [original layout] step. At that point, I knew that my export steps were satisfactory and the problem must have something to do with the new window.


So I played with the window options.

  • Card window: export fails (nothing gets exported, no file created)
  • Document window: export fails
  • FLOATING WINDOW: export succeeds!


I can't imagine why a floating window would work and a plain ol' document window wouldn't. Is this a bug? Is my database possessed by evil spirits? Have I been hacked by Russians?