Path to external data sources via variable is not stable

Discussion created by AnalogonEnterprise on Jul 21, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 13, 2019 by davidhamannmedia

FMP/FMPA 16.02 on MacOS 10.11/Windows 7

FMS 15 (latest version) on MacOS 10.12


Using the great new feature of a (global) variable as a path to external data sources, it appears that it doesn't work stable.


I have a starter script which does nothing but set a global variable to the data path, and call a second script which uses this data source. When the external data source is local, it works, but using the debugger an error occurs (see screenshot). Nevertheless, the source is available.


When choosing a source from a server (15), it is much more complicated. I couldn't access the source when the path variable contains the IP – it only works when the path contains the name of the server. Further on, there is a problem with the certificate. The server has no certificate, and FMP/FMPA doesn't remember to trust the server anyway.


Testet on clients MacOS 10.11 and Windows 7.