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Displaying related records on parent table without using Portal

Question asked by ddave on Jul 21, 2017
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I have a parent table called "Customer" and related child table "Contacts".


I want to display related Contacts on parent form layout as below:


1. "ContactName" as drop-down value list showing all related contact names

2. Once I select a name, it should auto-populate other fields cell, email, title etc.


I have tried using two occurrences of "Contacts" table relating to "Customer" table, first "Contacts" is related through two related fields  (pk - fk) & (contactFullName-contactName) and the second "Contacts 2" (pk-fk) where I allowed creation and deletion of records in "Contacts" table. On the other hand , I created equivalent fields in "Customer" table to fetch "Contacts" information which all are set as "auto-enter" through lookup in their corresponding fields in "Contacts" table for eg. contactDirect(Customer) looks up value in direct(Contacts) field. I placed these fields on the form and set "ContactFullName" as dropdown field which uses valuelist from contactName (Contacts Table) But that approach didn't work out.


Screen Shot 2017-07-21 at 9.20.12 AM.png


Attached is the working solution if someone needs it in future. Thank you everyone for your time.