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Printing a #10 envelope in FM13

Question asked by StanleyPatz on Jul 22, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 23, 2017 by StanleyPatz

I have been using FileMaker for a decade or more, through various versions. Recently, I had to migrate FM13 to a new Dell 3668. Everything seemed fine, but I can no longer print #10 envelopes on my small format Epson WF30.


The small printer will not take an 11" envelope in portrait mode which is a bad idea under any circumstances. Despite the fact that I have printed many, many #10 envelopes before, using my usual envelope layouts in "landscape" mode now puts the content on the left side of the layout - beyond the narrow right side format of a standard #10 envelope. The creation of a new layout in FM13 using the layout assistant and including the "envelope" format gets me the same results. All my pertinent options seem to be grayed out: in "Layout" mode "Arrange/rotate" is gray; in Print Setup, Paper size shows only "Letter" or "A4" and Source is only "Automatically Selected".


What is going on? How did I loose all my formatting options? Why am I not able to control FM13 and tell it to print a vertical envelope? And, in what "PLACE" should this question be posted?




Stan Patz   NYC