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    Printing a #10 envelope in FM13


      I have been using FileMaker for a decade or more, through various versions. Recently, I had to migrate FM13 to a new Dell 3668. Everything seemed fine, but I can no longer print #10 envelopes on my small format Epson WF30.


      The small printer will not take an 11" envelope in portrait mode which is a bad idea under any circumstances. Despite the fact that I have printed many, many #10 envelopes before, using my usual envelope layouts in "landscape" mode now puts the content on the left side of the layout - beyond the narrow right side format of a standard #10 envelope. The creation of a new layout in FM13 using the layout assistant and including the "envelope" format gets me the same results. All my pertinent options seem to be grayed out: in "Layout" mode "Arrange/rotate" is gray; in Print Setup, Paper size shows only "Letter" or "A4" and Source is only "Automatically Selected".


      What is going on? How did I loose all my formatting options? Why am I not able to control FM13 and tell it to print a vertical envelope? And, in what "PLACE" should this question be posted?




      Stan Patz   NYC

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          on your new computer, are you running the same verson of Windows than on your previous computer ? My guess is not. If so, what was the previous version of Windows ? I think that may be an issue with the printer driver, but I will wait for your answer to comment further.

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            Stephen Huston

            As "planteg" has suggested, FileMaker provides print options pulled from the installed printer drivers in your operating system, not something in FM's own code. Be sure you have installed the latest drivers for that printer, and that the correct printer is selected in FM's print/page setup and print dialogs to see all of your printer options.

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              Sometimes the solution is to use the windows print server to define a custom page size that you then select via your printer driver in print set up.

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                I struggled with getting FMP to print a label. The correct label printout didn't match at all the template FMP had, but I finally got it working.


                I might suggest rather than trying to print envelopes in the first place, just ditch printing envelopes completely and, instead, get a great label printer like Dymo 450 Turbo. I never realized how useful a general label printer would be. I've printed hundreds of labels when I initially doubted the purchase. The Dymo can read your contacts or save labels you print often. Add graphics (included or your own), postal bar codes, etc. It's thermal, but high resolution, so no ink to buy. Inexpensive third-party labels on Amazon work great.


                And, of course, you can print one or more labels directly from FMP to the Dymo.


                Best yet, perhaps, you'll never need a printer than can "handle" envelopes or only handle a few.

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                  Labels! a good idea.


                  My client(s) opt for windowed envelopes. If they may not be 'standard', I always request a sample to test. Then I just verify the address is printed on the page in the correct location. Fold the printed page(s) so this section is on top (accordion fold likely). I also verify that other information that should NOT show in the window is placed far enough away on the page.



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                    To Stephen and all you other wonderful people,


                    Even though I have been working with my new Dell 3668 for more than a month, it never occurred to me that the print driver was not the optimal one.


                    The Win10 troubleshooter reported that my Epson WF-30 "can't work properly with USB 3.0"! Device Manager said I had a generic driver: ESC/P Standard 5 v4 Class Driver. After going to the Epson website, I downloaded the latest driver, v6.64, and my FM-13 program now sees all my page format choices.


                    Thank you for the fast, helpful suggestions, my #10 envelope problem is now solved.

                    Stan Patz   NYC

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                      That was something I suspected. Windows drivers are minimalist compared to manufacturers' drivers. You are lucky that Epson provided Windows 10 drivers .

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                        To planteg,


                        You were right on with your original post; Stephen expanded on it nicely.


                        What bothers me is that some parts of Win10 knew about my Epson WF30 but other parts did not; ditto for software like FM13.  We work with very complicated machines! I am grateful that so many of you took the time to help.


                        BTW, the labels idea was the first work-around I thought of. And it is still a good idea. But I wanted to get back the functionality I had just a few months ago. I am glad that the latest iteration of Win10 along with my new Dell did not make everything else in my office obsolete - a fact that we all know about and dread.


                        Sta Patz   NYC