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Creating written reports - merge to insert text?

Question asked by ernieder on Jul 21, 2017
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I'm new to filemaker and would appreciate someone pointing me in the right direction for the issue below.

I'm trying to create several different written reports from one job record, let's call them report A, report B, and report C.  A, B, and C will all have the same reference information at the top of the page (which I have figured out how to do by referencing fields) but the different reports will have different blocks of text of varying lengths below the top information. 

-What is the best way to insert these blocks of text?  I have experimented a little with merging and found one problem is that I don't know how long or short the text blocks will be so I can't make the field just one size.  Perhaps it's best to just type directly into a text box in the report?  Then I won't be able to use the report layout for more than 1 report, which leads to my second question...

-Is there a way to do this by making only 1 report layout or would it be better if I had report layouts for A, B, and C separately?


I've attached a sketch of what a report would be like, I hope it helps.