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Container fields export

Question asked by user29188 on Jul 23, 2017
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I understand that the preferred/recommended way of migrating records from one database to another in an upgrade situation (i.e. I'm on V1 of the application but working on V2 and will want to move data from V1 to V2 when V2 is ready to go live) is to export the all records from each table and then import them into the new table in the new file.


How does this work with container fields because when I "move all" in the table here, it moves InvoiceStore::Invoice but doesn't save it in the script. I'd do it by individual record and export a file but there's 15,000+ PDFs in this table alone and I'm just hoping there's a quicker way or the upgrade could take days!


Script steps

As selected from "move all"

When I go back to specify export order InvoiceStore::Invoice is no longer selected.

Table structure