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FileMaker Server 15 locking up

Question asked by james.currie on Jul 23, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 18, 2019 by BrynBehrenshausen

I’m experiencing an intermittent problem with FileMaker Server 15v3. The server will run perfectly fine for a period of time but then will suddenly lockup. I am having trouble figuring out the root cause of these lockups.


The database is a simple 2 file solution: FileA which contains record data and the user interface. The second FileB contains tables for container data (stored externally).


We are running FileMaker Server 15v3 (but this has happened in v1 and 2 as well). The server is running on a late 2014 MacMini (OS X 10.10.5).


When the server locks up all connected users will start seeing a find progress dialog when trying to perform actions within the database (actions could be going to another layout via script, searching, exporting a container etc). I have tried disconnecting users one by one (generally there are between 35 and 45 users connected at one time) to try and narrow the cause down to a specific user but server will only disconnect about half of the users.

I’ve attempted to stop the server using the launchctl command, all components of FileMaker server stop gracefully except for fmserverd. The server was left for over an hour to allow the process a chance to gracefully quit but eventually we had to force quit the process.

Attempting to pause the databases has resulted in an error message

Could not pause database FileB because of lock conflict(s) with 2 database user(s): Admin (); Admin()

There is no account for Admin in either FileA or FileB. There are no scheduled scripts being run on server and I haven't seen any PSOS sessions in the list of users while the server has been locked up.


After restarting the server the logs show that both FileA and FileB have been closed improperly and have to be verified before they’re opened.


I’ve turned on the top call stats logging in the hope that I can catch what is happening when the server locks up. Has anyone experienced this issue or know of any further troubleshooting steps / fixes that I could attempt?