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    Container Fields Unresponsive


      I'm creating a database using FMP 15, and all I want to do is have an option in which users can attach files (Powerpoint, PDF, Word) to a record, and can access it again at another time.

      I created the container fields, and everything works perfectly for me on web and on the application. However, other people can only insert files into the container on the application, but not the web version. I tried calling customer service, but all they told me was to make sure all the computers accessing the servers are the same and have the same third-party software, which they do. Do you guys have any other recommendations?

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          Are you using the same privilege set?

          Also are you using the same web browser?  You can check the browser version on the server admin console.

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            Hey Carl, thanks for the response! We do have the same privilege set, which is the FMP-created [Full Access] set. Additionally, we are using the same web browser - Google Chrome Version 59.

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              Hello - I'm following back on this post to provide additional data points on the problem.


              Problem Description: Unable to copy/move a file to a container via web browser (container is setup as embedded)

              (Chrome Version 60.0.3112.78 Official Build 64-bit; Internet Explorer 11.0.9600.17843; Firefox 54.0.1 32 bit)



              1. When dragging a file over a container, the container becomes active but when the file is dropped into the container, nothing happens.

              2. When right mouse button clicking on the container, the upload dialogue box appears.  The appropriate selections are made in the dialogue box and after "upload" is clicked, nothing happens.

              3. When running FMP app, files are successfully uploaded to a container.

              4. From any web browser, I am able to export, view, or delete a file from a container which has a copied file.

              5. My colleague that raised this case is able to successfully copy files via web browser using same version of Chrome but myself and another team member are unable.


              Additional Details

              6. We have compared browser settings and versions between the team member that can successfully copy a file to a container and team members that cannot - no relevant differences have been identified

              7. Other variations of configuring the container storage have been attempted (secure... open...)

              8. SSL has not been configured on the server



              1. When running Google Developer Console and conducting a drag/drop event, the following Developer Console result is provided (below).  Failure of loading AppJavaScript.js is preventing copying of files via web browser into a container.



              1. Is my hypothesis correct?

              2. If (1) is true, how can I get AppJavaScript.js loaded?


              Thank You!




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                Do you have 'Use SSL for progressive downloading' checked on the server in the admin console?  I had a problem with containers once and turning this off fixed the problem.

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                  No, SSL is not configured in the server.