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Is it worth it to be an FBA member?

Question asked by ndveitch on Jul 25, 2017
Latest reply on May 1, 2018 by bigtom

Hi There,


I want to ask a general question to those that are FBA members. Is it actually worth it to be an FBA if you are a small to medium sized company? We have been an FBA for the last few years and to be honest we can't really see the benefit in it. Every so often our account manager changes and the only way we find out is when we get an irate call from our clients who had just been contacted by FileMaker to find out if they require any FileMaker assistance and if they want to renew their licenses. We were under the impression that FileMaker would not contact our clients directly if we were a FBA member. Also we have had it where FileMaker would send our clients the invoice for their new licenses instead of sending it to us, and recently one of our clients gave us grief that the invoice they got from FileMaker directly was cheaper than the price on the website and we almost lost the client because they no have it in their mind that we are just there to rip them off.


2 weeks ago this all happened again when our client that we are very close with called us to find out who the person from FileMaker was that had just called her. We had no idea because the week before we had been talking to our account manager with regards to renewal for another client, and he mentioned ABSOLUTELY nothing about leaving. So when our client mentioned someone else of course we had no clue who the person was, only to find out that our account manager had changed and the new account manager had been given a list of all our clients and was busy contacting them to find out if they are happy with FileMaker and if they need any support.


It's great that we get a mention on the website, but last year we were kicked off the website because the reminder to renew the FBA had gone to all the partners except us. When we found out that our FBA membership had expired we spoke to one of the other FBA members here in South Africa and he told us that when he got his renewal notice he was actually of the mind not to renew as he doesn't see any benefit of being a member here in South Africa. When he told us that we were horrified because surely being an FBA has its benefits. Now thinking about the service we have received from FileMaker, we are now also wondering, is it really worth it. Is it worth paying only to have FileMaker go over our heads as if we are not even worth it. It makes me want to start looking at other technologies and start moving my clients away from FileMaker. We just don't see the point in spending the money any more.  


So I ask again, is there any actual benefit to renewing the FBA membership?