Easy Way to check for a duplicate

Discussion created by alexissindicic on Jul 23, 2017
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Hello Filemaker (awesome) community,


i've read a lot of topic in this forum about finding duplicates values and i merely found a way to import unique data (using a processing table and a search function).


Right now i need to be able to find if a record (a website) is already in my database and flag it if it is the case.


My idea would be to have a function that does this :


  1. get the field i want to check for duplicate and put it into a variable
  2. open a new window and do a search of this term (though variable) in the database
  3. If result is >0 then i have a duplicate
  4. Otherwise it is a new record


Do you think it is smart ? is there an easier way for this check ?


Many Thanks for your help !